Ubiquitous Learning Models

At CUIB we promote the growth mindset culture, where learners and educators alike welcome new ideas, embrace challenges and believe in continuous improvement. This is best realized through participatory teaching and learning. Ubiquitous learning provides a variety of avenues to realize this, such as, exposure to stimulating videos, collaboration with others, virtual engagements in live discussions, varied use of multimedia for content delivery.  Learning via the ubiquitous campus takes on different forms.

Hybrid learning

This model blends on-site face-to-face instruction with virtual learning. Some of the learning activities are carried out online and students learn both independently and collaboratively. Online learning is used as a complement to on-site learning. This model works well for full-time students.

Distance learning

Some programs are delivered by on-site instruction for a specific period of time, with a significant portion of the curriculum realized online. This is most suitable for professionals who wish to earn advanced degrees that involve primarily research work coupled with a few courses.

Online learning

Certain programs are offered exclusively online such as community outreach programs, short programs and professional certification programs. These are suitable for individuals who want to study online without any on-site instruction.