Why Ubiquitous Learning?

At its core, ubiquitous learning (u-learning) refers to learning anytime, anywhere facilitated by the advances in digital technology.

So, why study ubiquitously?

The ability to learn in various contexts and situations promotes exploratory learning beyond the classroom, strengthening student engagement and motivation. Learning is no longer confined to a physical classroom or particular hours of the day. Professionals need not delay obtaining advanced degrees or professional certifications because they cannot afford to attend classes during their normal working hours.  Ubiquitous learning makes it possible to tailor programs as per the needs of the learners – meet them where they are and facilitate them learning when they want. Learners can balance their education with career, family and anything else that occupies their time maintaining a flexible schedule.

At CUIB we are committed to ensuring that when you pursue your studies ubiquitously, you receive the same high quality education that is offered in our traditional university setting. Our platform offers you access to our dedicated faculty and a vast library of resources. You are part of the same unique CUIB, regardless of how you choose to learn.