Director’s welcome message

Doctor Mokom - CUIB

Dr. Felicitas Atabong Mokom
Director – CUIB Ubiquitous Campus

Welcome to the Catholic University Institute of Buea (CUIB), UBIQUITOUS Campus.

CUIB, the Growth Mindset Entrepreneurial University is a unique private higher education institution in Cameroon founded in 2009 by His Lordship Bishop Immanuel Bushu.

The institution’s vision to “bring hope to the students and awaken in them a sense of purpose and direction so that they may achieve social, economic, spiritual, cultural and environmental wellbeing in their communities in particular and the nation at large” ensures that CUIB remains at the forefront of positive and transformational change.

The CUIB Ubiquitous “study anywhere, anytime” campus is the university’s initiative to take advantage of the technology advances that permit the blend of e-Learning with traditional learning methods and models. Through the campus, CUIB offers a pedagogical model that fosters mobile and ubiquitous learning involving a hybrid form of on-site and online learning as well as exclusive online programs with close tutoring.

Mobile devices and other e-learning tools are integrated into program delivery to enhance problem solving, creativity and promote innovative teaching and learning. Students, professionals and non-professionals alike can benefit from our easy to use state-of-the-art platform and the many amenities it provides. The campus contributes to the university’s goal to train individuals that can flourish in a rapidly changing world.
We invite you to tour our website and learn more about our campus, its activities and all the opportunities that we offer. You are welcome to visit our campus directorate or contact us for any information at
Once again, on behalf of the CUIB ubiquitous team, welcome!